We are a flavor driven medicated kitchen
specialized in caribbean flavor profiles


Karime Simmons

Originally born in the U.S. Virgin Islands to West Indian parents, Rasta kream's love for cooking began at the early age of 12.

He loved cooking so much, that eventually his cousin Fogee offered him a job at his restaurant, Fogees. By the time he was 18, he knew that he wanted a life in the kitchen and to become a "Flavor-Coordinator".

In 2004 he made his way to Los Angeles, CA to study culinary arts at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  While attending LATTC, Rasta Kream met friend and business partner, Edwin “E Dubble” Redway.  Shortly after graduation, E Dubble Catering was formed and Rasta Kream started the journey of becoming the Flavor Coordinator.  During this journey menus, concepts and recipes were created for the likes of The Libertine (WEHO), 633 Cafe (DOwnTown LA), Comedy Union, The Crepe Counter (beverly Hills), Grilled Fraiche food truck to name a few.  As Flavor Coordinator for Eduddle Catering the company grew, while Rasta Kream played the back ground creating the concept of Flavor Coordination. Rasta Kream continued to build his legacy while searching for the flavor of what would become  DreadBreadz.

In 2009, Rasta Kream lost his father to cancer, thats when he began to make natural, healing juices for a niche group of clients.  After researching the healing properties of cannabis and CBD's, Rasta Kream began to infuse his juices and bottled his first “Rasta juice in late 2009. From there, Nature's Thirst and the revolutionary idea of medicating juice and sauces was born.

In 2013, Dread Breadz was created to be the platform for Rasta Kream's medicated sauces and juices. Flavorful, caribbean inspired sauces and juices, infused the RASTA way. With distinct flavors, the sauces and juices  are not only a hit with medicinal patients, but with the general public as well.

The Rasta culture has always believed that Ganja is the healing of the nation  and Chef Rasta Kream's sauces and juices are the new wave in cannabis intake and wellness.